EKO-DIM LLC - professional chimney sweep services, maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Ekodim chimney sweepers are professionally and technologically trained to perform all types of chimney inspections.
Depending on the use of chimneys and fire-boxes, we apply several levels of inspection.


The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. It is clear that some things will never be the same again and that the fight against viruses will become our daily routine. The increasing number of pandemics on the planet Earth and the new biological risks to human health and lives, as well as the announcement of scientists that this virus will be replaced by some other in the future, and the viruses are best transmitted through the air, speaks in favor of the fact that it is necessary that each air conditioning and ventilation system has an active defense against viruses and bacteria.

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The professional team of Ekodim with advanced "Lifa Air" technology performs hygienic and health inspection, intelligent cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Hereinafter we will chronologically present you our cleaning process.

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Our system offers consultants, designers and contractors an effective way to protect the smoke exhaust and ventilation ducts. Provides fire resistance of 120 minutes with the use of locally produced galvanized ducts (rectangular and circular cross-section) protected by a fire-retardant coating. The system was tested in the ILAC and MRA accredited laboratory FIRES in accordance with international standards EN 1366-1, EN 1366-9 and EN 13501-4, and the application on the territory of Serbia was approved by the competent Ministry.

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Kitchen, greasy ventilation is the biggest risk of fire if it is not maintained regularly. Greasy fumes deposited in the ventilation system are easily flammable and therefore the maintenance of such systems is provided by law and bylaws. The accumulated grease also causes big problems on devices in the ventilation system and leads to their difficult work and, if there is no reaction on time, to a more serious malfunction.

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EETC SRL is a renowned Italian manufacturer of water filters located in a large number of pizzerias and restaurants throughout Italy, but thanks to us those filters are more and more in our region. Utility Company EKODIM ltd Belgrade is the exclusive distributor and doing service of ETC filters at the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Slovenia.

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During the thermal processing of food in professional kitchens, a large amount of fumes and smoke is released, which are transported outside the facility by ventilation system. On that occasion, grease is deposited in the ventilation system, which significantly increases the risk of fire.

Installing only a hood filter is not enough to protect the ventilation system from grease. Electrostatic filters are professional devices with the role to eliminate grease from fumes.

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Chimney sweep services

Chimney sweepers had always been respected members of the community since it was believed that they bring good luck. Even today, when people meet a chimney sweeper they want...

Kitchen ventilation

The system of greasy "steam" ventilation is an integral part of every kitchen in restaurants, hotels or any other kitchen where food is being prepared for a larger number of people...

Ventilation and air conditioning

Ventilation systems, thanks to their capabilities and flexibility, have become an integral part of each newly built facility, regardless of its purpose, construction or size...

Boilers and fireboxes

The purpose of boilers and fireboxes is to heat the space due to the combustion of various types of fuel. Unlike stoves and fireplaces, boiler plants are widely used both in residential...

Measurement and testing

In the process of combustion, flue gases are released, which negatively affect the environment. In order to reduce that negative impact, it is necessary to periodically perform...

Brushes and additional equipment

Ekodim has round brushes in its product assortment of different sizes, materials and purposes. All brushes are made of the highest quality materials and intended for both professional...

EKO-DIM LLC - professional chimney sweep services, maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systemsServices
EKO-DIM LLC - professional chimney sweep services, maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Traditionally, recognitions to the participants of the Fair of Techniques, for SUCCESSFUL PROMOTIONAL PERFORMANCE, were awarded by UEPS.

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From May 12th to May 16th 2014, the traditional Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements was held at the Belgrade Fair, in which Ekodim Company took part again.

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The tragedy in Novi Sad and the emergency inspection control of catering facilities can lead to the closure of many catering premises, but this is the last moment to realize..

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Eko-dim Info

Chimney sweeps not only had to work hard in the jubilee year, but they also had the obligation to draw the attention of their fellow citizens to the risks of fire and the necessity of taking care of chimney hygiene...


With quality work, we have gained the trust of users and respect from colleagues and inspection services. Aware that only constant progress can keep us in these positions, we have introduced the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System...

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EKODIM Company has existed and been doing business continuously since 1996, when it was founded as a craft shop. In 2007, we changed the legal basis to a limited liability company, and in 2012 we became the Utility Company "EKO-DIM" LLC...